Monday, January 28, 2013

Pity the Boston Sports Fan

Boston sports fans haven't had a lot of things to cheer;
Just a week and all our hopes for glory disappear.
We are plagued with injuries and not a lot of wins...

Yesterday the Celtics' fans grew worried; 'though we won.
Rondo tore his ACL - which means his season's done.
That's a major problem.  Rajon Rondo has been key
Now that it's the Heat that cheers at "Ray Allen for threeee!"

I still cannot talk about the Patriots' collapse.
It left me depressed and I'm afraid I may relapse.
21 unanswered points? Just what the heck was that?
Since when is our Offense so spectacularly flat?

Good news is that now I can enjoy the Super Bowl.
If your team is in it, watching football takes its toll.
Patriots are out of it; they've packed away their pads.
I don't care who wins the game; I'll watch it for the ads.

Pity the poor Bruins though, with such a daunting task;
All the hopes of Boston fans on them and  Tuukka Rask.
Celtics are in trouble now that Rajon Rondo's out.
Boston fans need some sports team that we can brag about.

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