Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The 113th Congress - Kick the Can


When I was a little girl we all played Kick the Can;
Someone kicked one down the road and everybody ran.
Person who was "It" then had to run and bring it back,
Put it somewhere safe and then protect it from attack.

Then he had to go and hunt the other players down;
Chase them anywhere they chose to hide throughout the town.
If the person tagged you then you're caught and you were jailed
'til somebody kicked the can again and you high-tailed.

One thing I remember is the "It" job really stunk...
Turn your back for just a minute on the can? You're sunk.
Congress also seems to thrive on playing childish games.
G.O.P., aware that they're who everybody blames,

Chose to kick debt ceiling controversy down the road,
Meaning our economy remains in "stand-by" mode.
You can never win a game like that - which isn't fun.
Congress needs to grow up now. There's work that must get done.

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