Monday, January 14, 2013

The New England Patriots - A Prayer to the Sports Gods

Rob Gronkowski SI Cover
I told you so. (PhotoCredit/SI)

You can call me crazy (and you wouldn't be the first)
But I've grown convinced that Rob Gronkowski has been cursed.
Why does any athlete tell Sports Illustrated  yes?
For the great majority, their season is a mess.

Gronk is now a casualty; he broke his arm again.
Next we play the Ravens and we're gonna miss him then.
Woodhead also left the game...  (Thank gods there's always Wes.)
The officials blew some calls.  Was that a fumble? Yes.

Even so, New England won and - with a little luck -
We can beat the Ravens (besides, losing now would suck.)
Sports gods, don't you think the price too high for Gronk's mistake?
You can pay us back by giving Belichick a break.

I know that Ray Lewis must be praying to you too
But, although I won't presume to tell you what to do,
I don't ask for miracles...  Just help Bill find a way
To get to the Super Bowl.  This I, most humbly, pray.

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