Friday, January 18, 2013

Lies, Lies, and More Lies.

People tell each other lies and most of us get caught.
People lying to themselves (and who of us has not?)
We can always justify our lies if given time.
Think we've got it covered until someone drops a dime.

Lance and Manti Te'o - on a very public stage 
(Everywhere I look they're splashed across someone's front page)
Victims and the perpetrators caught up in deceit.
Facts in both their cases are still somewhat incomplete.

I am torn on this 'cause Manti Te'o's just a kid.
Kids are known for doing stupid stuff...  I'm sure I did.
Armstrong? Here, I find myself reminded of Claude Rains;
Shocked that Rick's  has gambling while raking in his gains.

Maybe we should let it go.  We know that both men lied.
Held a public hanging before anyone was tried.
Both now face a future in which neither one is trusted.
Lies can turn around and bite your ass...  And then, you're busted.

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