Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guns, by Stephen King

Guns (Kindle Single)
Available through Amazon.

Stephen King has written a new essay titled Guns.
Bought it on my Kindle so I didn't freeze my buns.
Only cost a little bit and all the proceeds go
To a fund for gun reform (which could mean lots of dough.)

I would read a laundry list if that's what Stephen wrote.
If he ran for office in a state where I could vote,
I would send him to the Senate; quite a sacrifice...
No new books and I've already read his old ones - twice.

One of them I read before he pulled the book from print,
(Didn't like the Bachman books; they never had a hint
Of the light that's at the core of things that Stephen writes.)
Didn't have  to pull the book; his 1st Amendment rights

Offered him protections which he limited himself.
Thinks it's time we take high-powered weapons off the shelf,
Universal background checks, keep bullet counts to 10,
Funding for our mental health but says that, even then,

We can't ever stop the boys determined to succeed.
Wonder if an age limit is something that we need?
Seems to me these murderers are young and angry men.
Something must be done before it all shakes out again.

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