Thursday, January 10, 2013

Boston's Mayor Declares Health Emergency. Great... Now He Tells Me.

PHOTO: New study suggests an oral flu vaccine may be more effective than flu shots.
 Youngest has a nasty cold or, possibly, the flu;
Thereby guaranteeing that I'm gonna get it too.
If this is the milder version ('cause he got the shot),
I could be in trouble here because his mom did not.

Doctors still advise that people go for the vaccine,
Cough into their sleeve, don't touch their face, and keep hands clean.
I do not like any shots that I don't have  to get,
But this season is among the worst on record yet.

Boston's mayor has just declared a health emergency,
And they've started offering the flu vaccine for free.
If that's what my poor son has I'm probably too late;
Just another victim of the virus in my state.

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