Thursday, January 17, 2013

License and Registration, Please.

Aston Martin DB9 Crash
I knew it would happen.

Eldest had an accident and mangled up my car.
No one's hurt because of it...  At least, they aren't so far.
I have not decided yet if I will kill the boy.
Doesn't seem to realize; a car is not a toy.

I know that he's sorry 'cause he tells us that a lot.
Hasn't asked to use Dad's car... He knows there's not a shot.
Now I'm stuck until my car is fixed and, even then,
I know that my son will ask to borrow it again.

That's not gonna happen for a while; he needs a break.
Won't go into details but it's not his first mistake.
He will not be happy but at least he'll be alive.
Life is so much scarier since our son learned to drive.

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