Friday, January 25, 2013

Dear Boys... You Are Killing Your Mother

Way below 0.

Took the dog outside today.  I think I froze my toes.
Only out for minutes and I couldn't feel my nose.
I wore coat and hat and gloves and still - my fingers? Numb.
Neither son wore coats today 'cause teenage boys are dumb.

Just in case you're thinking that they don't own coats? They do.
Both of them have winter coats and we have extras, too.
Three are in a locker, there's another at a friend's,
One is lost, the other is the jacket that he lends

To his lovely girlfriend who, I bet, displayed good sense;
Bundled up and warm and so, my two loves - no offense -
Global warming doesn't mean it's hot out every day.
Make your poor mom happy and wear coats next time, okay?

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