Friday, January 11, 2013

The New England Patriots - Don't Get Cocky Kids

I have got my fingers crossed; I've even crossed my toes,
Waiting to discover how the game on Sunday goes.
Pats will meet the Texans in a game we have to win;
Hope New England's ready at 4:30 to begin.

Last time that we played this team we handed them a loss;
Defense and Tom Brady showing Houston who's the boss.
This time they'll be ready for us; blitzing, on attack.
I am so relieved that Rob Gronkowski's finally back.

I won't make predictions 'cause it makes the sports gods mad;
Look at all the ups and downs the Patriots have had.
Sports gods, when they're angry, can affect the way we play
And they don't like taunting; thus, I'm watching what I say.

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