Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Smeejie Get Your Gun?

(Photo/ REUTERS/Dave Kaup)

In the wake of Sandy Hook, where 20 children died,
Nation in a state of shock; Barack Obama cried.
(He was not the only one who's eyes had sprung a leak
I know that I wept non-stop for the entire week.)

We all swore we'd make a change to stop these killing sprees.
Think that anything will ever happen?  Honey, please.
While the Newtown parents buried daughters and their sons,
People, in the thousands, stood in line to purchase guns.

Weapons sales went through the roof and bullets sold out quick.
Proof, to me, the culture that we live in's pretty sick.
NRA sounds rational when people are afraid.
How far has my own position on this issue strayed?

I've begun to think that arming teachers makes good sense.
Maybe build a moat, or else electrify a fence.
We now have so many guns we can't uncross the line.
There's a gun for everyone...  I wonder who has mine.

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