Monday, August 13, 2012

Race for the White House - Democrats Happy With Romney's VP Choice?

Photo Credit - Win McNamee, Getty Images

President Obama's team has greeted - with great joy -
Romney's choice of Ryan, the Tea Party's golden boy...
Think he chose a running mate like Sarah Palin, but
I'm afraid that people won't perceive him as a nut.

I think independent voters want to see a change;
Whether in New Hampshire or out west, home on the range,
Folks are sick and tired (that's my mother's favorite phrase)
Of the lack of action out of Washington these days.

I don't think the President can only blame his foes,
Even though Republicans reliably oppose
Everything he tries to do...  And, clearly, Harry Reid
Doesn't plan to compromise. Obama needs to lead.

I don't care for Medi-Scare (though Romney Hood was good.)
On the air the ads aren't fair. I think that both sides should
Have a real discussion about what their visions are.
I've seen little evidence of that - at least so far.


  1. Fun verse. Way more even-handed than anything I've written. :)

    1. I read where that fellow was rude,
      And thought to myself; "Really, dude?
      You're only a guest
      Please give it a rest
      Her humor is why Mad gets viewed."