Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Missouri's Senate Race - You're Kidding Me, Right?

Claire McCaskill's Senate chances got a recent lift
After her opponent gave an unexpected gift.
Something so egregious there's no way he can survive.
If he has the sense God gave him, he'll drop out by 5.

Mr. Akin claimed a woman's body will reject
Pregnancy by rape from a "legitimate" suspect.
"Has a way of shutting down that kind of thing," said he.
(You can bet McCaskill's people greeted that with glee.)

Problem is that Akin's wrong - of course - but not far off.
Read the platform they're supporting first, before you scoff.
No exceptions for abortions.  Choice is always wrong.
Doctor's office isn't where Republicans belong...

Not if you're a woman - Frankly, not if you're a man.
I don't understand objections to Obama's plan.
Help us all gain access to good medical advice.
Women who are leaning Romney/Ryan should think twice.


  1. Well said! And too true.

    I'm glad he's refusing to drop out. Claire MCCaskill now has a good hot of winning!

    1. I hope so. A loss won't be good
      For that means Republicans could
      Perhaps meet their goal
      Achieve full control
      Of Congress. Come on sisterhood!