Thursday, August 16, 2012

Race for the White House - The Genius of Joe Biden

I think it's more likely that he only acts the part.
Sometimes, when he's on a roll, he's known to make a gaffe -
Bringing our attention to an issue with a laugh.

Biden holds the second highest office in the land;
Don't become Vice President unless you understand
It's your job to go and kick the hornets' nest because
It would not be Statesman like, at all, if your boss does.

In defense of Biden's point, the Romney/Ryan plan
Seems to favor Wall Street - not so much the common man.
Biden gets an audience whenever he's unchained;
Makes his point indelible...  That isn't scatter-brained.

That, my friends, is genius of the politician's kind.
Wouldn't be surprised at all to find Joe Biden's mind
Works at least 3 times as fast as normal people's do...
Paid some more attention to the issues, haven't you?