Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thanks (Again) Disney.

Thanks a lot there Disney...  Just what is it with you guys?
In your latest movie - Spoiler! - little Timmy dies.
Children sobbing wildly has gone viral on the net;
Sorry kids but, sadly, you two ain't seen nothin' yet.

How about Old Yeller or, my favorite, Bambi's mom?
That one gave me nightmares it took many years to calm.
Simba's dad, the old guy's wife in Up?  The list goes on.
Happy, childhood innocence...  Then - poof! Completely gone.

Buzz and Woody lost their boy, although he didn't die.
Disney always seems to find a way to make me cry.
That's not why I go to movies, thank you very much.
Let me know when Johnny Depp is back.  I'll be in touch.

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