Monday, August 27, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Reflections From a Pink Hat

Red Sox fans, this morning, are still reeling from the news;
And I don't mean at the fact that our team didn't lose.
I am speaking of the trades...  They've gone and cleared the deck. 
Blew it up in hopes of seeing salvage from the wreck.

Even Pink Hat fans, like me, have given this team up.
Do we think there's more to do to fix the problems? Yup.
Don't know how it happened; who's deserving of the blame...
But the Pesky funeral attendance was a shame.

Papi, Salty, Buchholz and Padilla - those 4 went.
Maybe no-one realized the message that was sent...
In a town like Boston, where a lot of Irish live,
Blowing off a legend is a sin we don't forgive.

Nomar came and Youk sent his regrets...  He had to play.
They displayed the spirit missing from the team today.
Papi seems to have it and I'm sorry that he's hurt.
Season's over anyway. He should hang up his shirt.

Let him rest, then bring him back next year to lead the team.
Hope that he'll step up to be the Keeper of the Dream.
Baseball here in Boston isn't just about the stats...
Not when half your audience is watching in pink hats.

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