Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dr. Seussilitis - Blogger and Ad(Non)Sense

Sometimes I am just amazed by ads that Blogger shows.
If they'd ever read my rhymes they'd know that I oppose
More than half the candidates or issues that they pick...
Ads are on my blog that I would never choose to click.

Like if you hate Roe v. Wade. Click here to send us cash.
Help us to continue buying ads and talking trash.
Click if you like Romney...  Over here if you like Brown;
Here if you would like to run Obama out of town.

I support Obama.  I'm a fan of Roe v. Wade.
Think that Google's AdSense screening gets a failing grade.
Maybe I should drop the ads because my mother's sworn
My blog had a link that - with one click - took her to porn.

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