Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - In Memoriam: Johnny Pesky

Johnny Pesky (1919-2012) Photo credit: The Boston Herald
Very saddened by the news that Johnny Pesky's died.
One could not have asked for a more charming native guide.
Pesky was a Red Sox legend...  Stories by the score
Shared with younger players about glory days of yore.

Over 7 decades now that Johnny's been the heart;
Known as Mister Red Sox, he will always be a part
Of the park that was his life - the fabled Pesky Pole;
Obstacle which home-run hitters' hopes so often stole.

Never made the Hall of Fame - the war got in the way -
Though he hit .300, behind Williams, in his day.
Played 10 years but never left.  He managed for awhile
(Pesky was well noted for his ever present smile)

Was a coach, announced a bit, as manager - rehired.
Johnny Pesky lived to see his number get retired.
Not as if his death's a shock...  The man was 92.
Even so, I find the news has left me feeling blue.

Seems like something vital - a connection to the dream -
Gone, like Johnny Pesky.  'though the current Red Sox team
Needs a shot of something that is missing from before.
Now that God's called Pesky home, please - someone - get  Bob Doerr.

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