Friday, August 17, 2012

Give Me Shelter

Listened to the news today and all of it was bad.
Don't know why I listen when it only makes me sad.
Killings in South Africa and Syria - Iraq.
In Afghanistan, another green on blue attack.

Hurricanes and global warming proven beyond doubt.
Israel may bomb Iran? On Cape Cod, Great White sharks.
Little brothers drowning at one of the nation's parks.

I can't find a sheltered harbor...  Nope, not even sports.
Red Sox team is melting down according to reports.
Poor old Bobby Valentine is taking loads of crap.
Can you just imagine this with Belichick? He'd snap.

I have got a sister who believes that Mayan thing...
She's concerned December 21st is gonna bring
Planets in alignment which precipitates The End...
After all this rotten news, I'm half convinced my friend.


  1. Replies
    1. Dear Mad, we should start up an app;
      The news done in rhyming gift wrap.
      Stars you and Doc Goose
      With Seuss on the loose.
      Enough of this free blogging crap.