Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Race for the White House - Joe Biden Unchained

Tighten up those seat belts people - Biden's off his leash.
Have you heard the news about his latest rally? Sheesh!
Told a group of voters (more than half of whom were black)
Wall Street wants them back in chains...  Of subtlety, no lack.

Biden does this kind of thing, and yes - he does it well.
Picks a fight the other side must then respond to. Swell.
Charming politicians with a gifted turn of phrase
Are not what the country needs to listen to these days.

People who are serious (and - no - there aren't enough)
Don't want the distractions of this petty, high-school stuff.
Tell us what you plan to do to fix the growing debt;
Big ideas like mortgages or, even better yet,

How about some tax reforms?  Let's simplify the code.
Running out of space to kick that farther down the road.
No, it isn't sexy but, with Biden's gift for words
It provides some humor for us patriotic nerds.
Vice President Joe Biden

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