Monday, August 06, 2012

We're Back.

New Hampshire - Maine

Hello everyone. We're back again; vacation's through.
Hope that, in my absence, things have been okay with you.
I am just now catching up...  I find I've missed so much.
At the beach I chose to stay completely out of touch.

Didn't read a paper.  Didn't see the evening news.
Only sat and stared out at amazing ocean views.
If I owned The Lookout I would never want to leave.
Everyday I was away would be a day I'd grieve.

Once we watched a lightning storm streak bolts off to our right.
To our left a shooting star trailed through the starry night.
Tide came in and tide went out. I watched it with our dog.
Didn't see another soul while sitting on our log.

Dr. Seussilitis symptoms seemed to disappear.
Now we're home I fear my brain's no longer feeling clear.
Watched the news; read magazines.  I felt it starting then.
Must have had a relapse 'cause I'm rhyming things again.


  1. Hi Mrs. S!
    Great rhyme! I missed them while you were away.
    I hope you enjoyed your time off!

    1. Kate, that vacation's a blast.
      But time seemed to fly by so fast.
      We must find a way
      To slow down a day
      And make next year's stay last and last.