Thursday, August 23, 2012

The 112th Congress - S.O.S.

CBO* is warning there's disaster dead ahead.
Meanwhile all this partisan insanity has spread.
Ship of State we're sailing on is more a leaky skiff
As we hurtle headlong towards a looming fiscal cliff.

Hooligans have boarded us.  They're tossing out the tea
And the baby in the midst of storms across the sea.
(Wow! I've really beaten this whole metaphor to death.
Maybe I should take a moment here to catch my breath...)
January 1st is when the tax cuts will expire;
Automatic spending cuts, lest deficits grow higher,
Leading to recession, say non-partisan reports.
Right now our economists are pooping in their shorts.

But, instead of listening, the Congress battles on.
Any hope of compromise, apparently, is gone.
By the time we know which President will crack the whip
It may be too late - and we all go down with this ship.

*Congressional Budget Office

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