Tuesday, August 07, 2012

NASA Fan Club (Neil deGrasse Tyson for President)

During a press briefing Monday at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mars Science Laboratory team members Miguel San Martin, left, and Sarah Milkovich watch a video of mission control erupting with joy Sunday night when it was confirmed that Curiosity had landed.
(Photo Credit:  Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times / August 6, 2012 )

Actors have their fan clubs, as do athletes and rock stars...
I've just gone and joined one for the folks who've conquered Mars.
Watched the room erupt in joy: high fiving, pumping fist.
Wish that I'd grown up to be a NASA scientist.

Human Curiosity propelled us in to space,
Once again advancing the entire human race.
(Only thing I ever liked about the younger Bush
Was his plan to give the drive for Mars an extra push.)

President Obama, forced to implement some cuts,
Plans to take from NASA's budget...  I believe that's nuts.
Think of all the jobs created racing to the moon,
And, although it makes me sound like some old, Star Trek loon;

Space is where our future lies - the fabled, last frontier.
Maybe with a fan club we could make it loud and clear
Trim the budget somewhere else.  Leave scientists alone.
Boldly go tell Congress; "Not until the pigs have flown."

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