Thursday, August 09, 2012

Across the Pond - The London Games

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All the local heroes from hometowns around the world:
Running, swimming, leaping, fighting, get a discus hurled.
Athletes cry on podiums and mouth their anthems' words.
Londoners remain polite despite the roving herds.

There have been some moments when I've shed a happy tear;
Caught my breath in worry with disaster looming near,
Or in awe as human bodies hurtle through the air.
People doing things that I would not do on a dare.

'though I've not seen all the Games - 'cause we were at the beach -
Even there (Perhaps the air?) Olympics news would reach.
No, I didn't watch it live when Phelps made history,
(I, instead, watched silver moonlight ripple on the sea)

Still, within the hour, I was told that he had won...
Watching the Olympics' what my nieces did for fun.
Now we're home and tuned in every night I have to say;
Even though I know the network has big bills to pay,

T.V. ads so often make the Games no fun to watch.
Wish that NBC'd agree to tone it down a notch.
Shows us sports we never see.  Perhaps some rowing heats?
Give us more Olympics. I don't care what Mike Phelps eats.


  1. I agree that NBC didn't have coverage the way I'd have liked to have seen the Olympics.....but I'll stick up for the athletes: watching them make history (Bolt, Phelps, Douglas, Franklin, Ennis, Jeter et al) was wonderful. I'm glad I got a ringside seat. Suggestion: if you have a way to tape/Tivo any sporting event broadcast, do so. It's infinitely less annoying to be able to fast-forward through annoying commercials and the stuff you're not interested in seeing. It saved me many hours of frustration.

    But I still can't stand Ryan Lochte and his obnoxious tooth jewelry.

    1. We tried that but there were so many
      We shortly caught up. Hardly any
      Excuse for a break
      Was one they'd not take...
      They squeezed the last squeak from their penny.