Friday, August 31, 2012

The New England Patriots - Just Pay The Man

 Rob Gronkowski SI Cover

My New England Patriots played Wednesday - didn't win.
Refs called a receiver out when he was clearly in.
Lost it to World Champions; The New York football Giants.
*(Made a bet with Mr. S. and, therefore, in compliance

With the terms on which we shook, I have to call them that.
If I'd won he had to throw away his Yankees hat.)
Belichick cares more about deciding who to cut.

Doesn't give the game away before the season starts.
'til then all his players are so many moving parts.
Once it counts, this football master plays the game like chess.
I am very confident he'll win a lot, unless...

There is really something to the S.I. cover curse.
Football is so dangerous and bad calls make it worse.
Plus, it isn't only Gronk; there's Madden's cover too.
Time to tell Commissioner Goodell what he should do;

Pity the replacement refs; their jobs can't be much fun.
Sure, it was amusing - once - but now pre-season's done.
Now the games begin to count. Bring back real referees.
Not as if they've asked for much.  Just pay them...  Pretty please?

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