Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Race for the White House - The Republican Convention

Ann Romney at the Republican National Convention. (Photo by CBS News)

Hard to have a party with a hurricane next door.
Florida in August, though? It's what you're asking for.
Wonder how Pat Robertson explains this hurricane?
(Actually, I really don't...  He's clinically insane.)

Last night Mrs. Romney spoke; I found her sweet and warm.
Though I was distracted by the radar of the storm
I still heard enough to know she loves her husband Mitt.
Charming, poised, and elegant - Ann Romney was a hit.

Other speakers didn't come across as well, I thought.
Christie of New Jersey spoke about himself a lot.
Boehner said the patrons of his bar would always throw
People out the door who disagree.  I'd never go.

Ryan has his speech tonight.  It's one you shouldn't miss.
Don't know if I'll rhyme about it - promised mother this;
If I can't say anything that's nice, I wouldn't speak.
Maybe I should just avoid Republicans this week.

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