Friday, August 10, 2012

Across the Pond - Afghanistan. Fool Me 21 Times?

Afghanistan.  (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)
Fool me one time, shame on you... And two times? Shame on me.
In Afghanistan this week, they fooled NATO times three.
So much for us helping out.  We're target dummies now?
Someone has to stop this awful killing spree - somehow.

Forces we are training to step up as we draw down;
Teaching to defend the laws and streets of their own town,
Have a dreadful tendency to harbor in their midsts
Taliban extremists we do not have on our lists.

Men who open fire, killing everyone they can...
Seems to me the screening process hasn't gone to plan.
Maybe we should change the ammunition? Give them blanks.
When we have the chance to stand in front - decline, with thanks.

'though I know we plan to go and bring our people home,
Let's remember lessons learned as long ago as Rome;
When you deal with tribal customs things are slow to change.
Everyone's related and all families are strange.


  1. Roses are red
    Violets are Bool
    Red Sox still suck
    Yankees still Rule!!!

    muahahahaha guess who!!!

    1. Lily? It couldn't be you?
      For, taunting's not something you'd do.
      The Queen of the Bs
      A Yankees' fan? Please!
      But, thank you for following through.

      ;D Smeejie

    2. It's more like what Achmed would say,
      But it's been a year and a day
      Since he and I dueled.
      I guess I've been booled.
      Though, Red Sox still rule anyway.

  2. Ole' Achmed has written his prank
    so I've given him the Eye of Stank
    Because a Nats fan I be
    (we don't need no damn Yankees!)
    ...and he knows I'm just yanking his crank.

    Love, Lily

    1. Dear Lily; Good Lord! Not the Stank!
      Besides, I was planning to thank
      Achmed for the time
      He spent on his rhyme
      Despite its intent as a prank.

      ;D Love, Smeej