Thursday, August 30, 2012

Race for the White House - Paul Ryan Goes To The Convention

Paul Ryan addresses the convention in Tampa.  (Photo credit: Mary Altaffer/AP)

Yesterday I promised I would try to keep it nice;
Said I'd pay attention to my mother's good advice.
Then I watched Paul Ryan's speech and good intentions flew.
Once again Republicans won't tell us what they'll do.

Pundits say the gauntlet's thrown on Medicare...  So what?
Everybody knows it's broken.  Tell me how a cut
In the tax of wealthy folks will help my mom and dad?

Saying that you've built a business doesn't pave the streets;
Doesn't pay for teachers, cops, or any Naval fleets;
Doesn't keep your parents covered now that they are old.
That, my friends, takes government - and, government needs gold.

Loyal opposition is another thing it needs.
Currently, though words are speaking louder than their deeds,
G.O.P. - with faces straight - accuse the President...
Blaming him for failures when that isn't how it went.

I don't see John Boehner having any kind of luck
Leading the Republicans and, thus, Obama's stuck.
They have been disloyal; offered nothing but complaint.
Yes, I know that isn't nice but, hey - I'm not a saint.


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    1. Thank you Madeleine. I've been enjoying your newsletter on my Kindle lately, too. Isn't it kind of the Republicans to keep us so well supplied with material?