Monday, August 20, 2012

The Massachusetts' Senate Race

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for Senate

Almost everyone I know's a liberal Democrat...
Here in Massachusetts they could not imagine that
I would ever give Scott Brown some credit or a look;
Just assume that Warren has my vote and close the book.

After all, I do agree with all of Warren's views,
And the fact she's smarter than him isn't breaking news,
But I've had some contact with his office on a bill -
Didn't like positions he had taken on the Hill -

They responded right away.  He later changed his vote.
Got a lovely calendar after my thank you note.
Brown agrees to compromise; he's middle of the road.
Still, it makes me nervous that his coffers overflowed

With donations corporations gave to help him win
Leading me to wonder if, maybe, the fix is in.
One is known to others by the company he keeps.
Wall Street wants Scott Brown to win - contributed in heaps.

So, I guess I'm guilty of what I profess to hate;
I will vote for Warren and contribute to the state
Of affairs (or lack thereof) the Senate has become.
Voting for a guy because he's nice would just be dumb

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