Friday, September 21, 2012

RIHCA Volunteer of the Year - My Dad: Peter S. Corr, Jr.

He was younger than I am now in this picture.  I hope to age as gracefully.

Going to a luncheon in Rhode Island for my dad -
State where he was born and bred and brought up as a lad.
Navy men, it seems to me, no matter where they roam
Always have a special place they think of as their home.

For my dad, Rhode Island is that place - retired there.
Now the state will honor him for his outstanding care;
Volunteer of this past year...  He's busier than me.
Works as hard as ever, yet he's doing it for free.

V.A. driver, Miriam, whatever he can find...
Altar boy in times of need and - though his legs are bad -
I don't think that I could ever keep up with my dad.

We are very proud of him - and of his patient wife;
View him as a model for a fine, up-standing life.
Therefore, as fair warning to Rhode Island, let me say
Kids from Massachusetts may try stealing them away.