Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Wishes to the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Image courtesy of Forbes

Happy Birthday Occupy.  You've been around a year.
Didn't get too much accomplished in that time, I fear.
Camping out in city parks and banging on a drum
Doesn't mean the change you want to see is gonna come.

Have to organize yourselves and go on the attack.
Trying to encircle buildings doesn't change a thing.
Need to fix the Congress where, right now, cold cash is king.

Fiscal cliffs and sequestrations are not sexy stuff
Still, we have to tell the House and Senate; "That's enough."
Have to make them implement reforms now on the books.
Put your Representatives at home on tenterhooks.

Let them know you plan to vote and that you won't forget
Which side they've been fighting for.  They'll listen then, I bet.
Wall Street just steps over those who sleep out in the parks.
Need the law's protection when you're swimming with those sharks.

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