Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Across the Pond - U.S. Embassies Attacked in Cairo and Benghazi

 Protesters destroy an American flag pulled down from the U.S. embassy in Cairo September 11, 2012. Egyptian protesters scaled the walls of the U.S. embassy on Tuesday, tore down the American flag and burned it during a protest over what they said was a film being produced in the United States that insulted Prophet Mohammad. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Egyptian protestors storm US Embassy. (Photo credit Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters)

Yesterday our Embassies were subjects of attack;
Stormed the walls and tore Old Glory down - hung flags of black.
Cairo and Benghazi...  Our Ambassador is dead.
Libyans blew up his car as he and others fled.

What would be the cause for these two "allies" fighting us?
What's behind the outrage?  What's the reason for the fuss?
Seems that there's some movie that nobody's even seen,
And Muhammad comes off looking bad from what I glean.

Guy who made the movie is American and so
That appeared to be enough for angry mobs to grow.
I would say that's quite enough of this and screw them all.
Leave us out of it and kill each other.  Have a ball.

Islam needs a Reformation and it needs it bad -
Speaking from experience about the one we had.
But, until they drag themselves from ignorance and fear,
I think the United States had better just steer clear.

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