Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Race for the White House - Free iPads for Everyone.

"Liar, liar.  Pants on fire;" on his latest quote.
Ryan's telling whoppers while he's stumping for the vote.
Even FOX reporters said he'd reached a stunning low.
If he isn't careful then his nose might start to grow.

GOP's as much as said that facts get in the way.
Don't support the narrative they're trying to portray.
If they told the truth, they think, we wouldn't like their guy.
Therefore, they've decided that it's easier to lie.

I don't have an iPad - yet - but heard that there's an app;
It's supposed to help the voters wade through all the crap.
With the way this race is going lately, seems to me,
Democratic party should provide iPads for free.

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