Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - The New York Yankees and Domestic Bliss

Now, when Red Sox fans don't care, the Yankees come to town.
Feels as if the sports gods plan to kick us while we're down.
New York leads the A.L. East and Boston is in last.
Seems (to me at least) this baseball season's in the past.

Mr. S. is happy though; the Yankees are his team
And, because I love the man, of course I wouldn't dream
Trying to deny him T.V. access to the games.
'though I cannot promise I won't call them any names.

Not his fault my team's so bad this year...  That's all on us.
(Pretty sure we're tossing Valentine under the bus.
Players never trusted him; they didn't like his style.)
I think the rebuilding of this team will take awhile.

So, I'll take my punishment when Mr. S. is near
But, coincidentally, he's traveling - not here.
Thus, although I'll miss him, I'll be spared the awful sight,
I don't plan to watch the game, at all, tomorrow night.

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