Friday, September 14, 2012

Across the Pond - Or, According to FOX News; Race for the White House

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Best way I can tell I'm wrong? When FOX News thinks I'm right.
That's the situation I was in on Thursday night.
What with all the protests spreading through the Middle East
I thought I should give the folks on FOX a chance, at least.

Then I watched Sean Hannity...  They really call that news?
Interviewing Palin for her "expert" Mid-East views?
She cannot see Egypt when she's standing in her yard.
Tried to find the logic in her arguments...  Too hard.

FOX News blames Obama; 'though, for what?  I can't be sure.
Something about doing some apologizing tour.
Then they played a clip montage and still I never heard
President Obama use the dreaded "sorry" word.

FOX seems more concerned about how Romney is perceived;
Playing petty politics while all the nation grieved
At the tragic loss of life; 4 people lying dead.
Spare me the excuses for the stupid things Mitt said.

Yes, I am still angry at the news from overseas
But, to take the word of those on FOX about it?  Please.
Think I'll stick to NPR with experts I can trust.
Trying to get any facts from FOX News was a bust.

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