Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Race for the White House - Stick a Fork In It.

I think this goose is cooked.  (Photo/The New Yorker)

Should Obama lose this race to Romney, I'll be shocked...
Never mind the millions Crossroads GPS has stocked.
Maybe the economy is not in perfect shape
But, poor Mitt has blundered once again - and it's on tape.

Mother Jones released remarks that he made "off the cuff."
I have listened to it and it's pretty damning stuff.
Said that half our people are just victims who won't work.
Romney, yet again, has come off looking like a jerk.

True that many do not pay a federal income tax;
Doesn't mean they sit around at home and just relax.
Need to have some fat to spare to put "skin in the game."
(This archaic tax code that we've got is what's to blame.)

Said the Middle East is doomed and there could be no peace.
Romney's put his foot in it...  Will wonders never cease?
How the polls are even close I - frankly - do not know.
Think, this time, Mitt Romney's dealt himself a fatal blow.

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