Monday, September 17, 2012

The New England Patriots - The Sports Announcer's Curse Strikes Again.

MLB Dick Stockton
I blame Dick Stockton and John Lynch for the Patriots' loss. They said "The Patriots haven't lost their home opener in 10 years" exactly one hundred and thirty-seven gazillion times yesterday...  Thereby initiating the sports announcer's  curse.
Thanks guys.

Don't know what it was we did to make the sports gods mad;
Judging by the way things went this Sunday it was bad.
Maybe we were victims of the sports announcer's curse.
It was painful watching as the game got bad...  Then worse.

Early in the Opener at home, Hernandez out,
I thought that our Offense was inspiring some doubt.
Arizona's Defense rushed Tom Brady left and right.
(Want to know who Belichick is missing now?  Matt Light.)

Our Defense was playing great, 'til sports gods intervened.
Arizona blocked a punt - our kicker's clock got cleaned.
Referees kept missing contact happening down field;
Shocked and silent fans looked on in disbelief, and reeled.

Just when things looked darkest - I'd accepted we might lose -
As the fans in Foxboro put on their boogie shoes,
Defense caused a fumble and it seemed the Pats would win...
No-one could believe Gostkowski's kick did not go in.

Red Sox lost last night, sports gods...  So, not just once, but twice.
And my golf swing's just developed quite a nasty slice.
Hockey has a lockout...  Tell me, what are fans to do?
Please accept apologies if we've offended you.

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