Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Massachusetts Senate Race - The 1st Debate

WBZ TV is moderating the first of 4 debates between Elizabeth Warren(D) and Scott Brown(R)

Polling here in Massachusetts for the Senate race:
Two show Warren leading with Scott Brown in second place.
One says Brown's ahead by 6 - Elizabeth will lose.
Polls are meant to clarify the picture, not confuse.

Both the candidates will get together here tonight.
This debate should demonstrate what they'll bring to the fight.
I'm still leaning Warren's way but listening to Scott.
Am I still persuadable?  I don't know...  Maybe not.

'though I like the fact that Brown's bipartisan and nice
I am not prepared to make Obama pay the price.
I think he'll need every Democrat that he can get;
Thus, electing Warren seems (to me) the safest bet.

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