Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The New England Patriots - Enough is Enough

Uh oh...  That's a no no.  (Photo/BleacherReport.com)

Touchdown? Interception? Interference? Maybe not.
Ball goes past the uprights...  Where's the instant replay shot?
My coach was so angry with officials Sunday night
That he touched a referee and, though it wasn't right,

Who on earth can blame the guy?  I would have done it too.
Bad officiating means my Pats are 1 and 2.
Monday Night was terrible.  The Packers should have won.
This is just ridiculous.  Let's get the contract done.

Games are running longer; there's more fighting on the field.
Give the refs a pension plan.  It's time (and past) to yield.
Seems by now, with all the fines the coaches have to pay,
There should be enough (and more) to fund an IRA.

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