Friday, September 07, 2012

Race for the White House - "Just the Facts, Ma'am"

Watched the two Conventions that the major parties threw;
Listened to the speeches; saw too much red, white, and blue.
First came the Republicans in Tampa...  Platitudes -
Only thing on offer in those southern latitudes.

Heard about Mitt Romney's heart - how he's a lovely guy.
Listened to Paul Ryan, up on stage, tell us a lie.
Saw a lot of older people - most of whom were white -
Speaking of the values represented by the Right.

Then I watched the Democrats in Charlotte all this week;
(Moved to tears the night I heard Michelle Obama speak)
But, I feared that - once again - there wasn't any meat.
Next night, though, Bill Clinton had me glued into my seat.

Using facts and numbers and the details that I crave,
He reviewed Obama's record - gave the man a rave.
Made a cogent argument while laying out his case;
Something that's been lacking in this Presidential race.

Last night as Barack Obama stepped to center stage
(Can't believe how much that Office caused the man to age.
Why on Earth would any person ever want the job?
I could not be paid to take it...  I'm a lazy slob.)

He, unlike Mitt Romney, offered more than just cliche' -
Spoke about specifics.  Romney/Ryan?  Who can say?
They won't tell me why to trust them.  President just did.
That's why I'll support him in his re-election bid.

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