Monday, September 10, 2012

Across the Pond - Vladimir Putin's for the Birds
President Vladimir Putin and a Siberian crane. (Photo/

President of Russia has been busy, as of late,
Proving that he's not your ordinary head of state.
I don't mean election fraud...  That isn't very new
Other leaders do it also (more than just a few).

Not support for Syria - there's China and Iran,
Nor his taste for Pussy Riot serving in the can.
Jailing those who disagree?  Believe me - it's been done.
But his latest project?  I think he's the only one.

Putin plans to dress in white and lead a flock of cranes;
Teaching them to fly established, migratory lanes.
Can't imagine Merkel or Obama doing that.
President of Russia is a caring autocrat.

President Putin prepares for his journey south.

(Photo/Президент России)

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