Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Race for the White House - President Obama Enjoys The View

The President and First Lady sit down with the women of The View. (Photo/ABC)

President Obama's being criticized again;
Didn't meet world leaders who attended the U.N.
This has knocked important, foreign noses out of joint;
'though I wish he'd met with some, I guess I see his point.

With our moral suasion having reached its lowest ebb -
Owing to some weird film that's been posted on the Web -
What could he accomplish; have we not already said
Syria's a travesty?  Too many people dead.

Why sit down with Netanyahu (who he doesn't like)
When he won't agree with him on a preemptive strike?
Why have talks with Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood?
Right now, our relations with Egyptians are not good.

Only thing you get from meetings?  Headlines FOX can use;
Something they can spin about, in keeping with their views...
Which folks did he meet with?  Why did someone get the snub?
Who is in and who is out of that exclusive club?

At the risk of running long, I also have to say
I don't think world leaders would expect it anyway...
Not in this election year - not if they read the news.
I would also choose The View if in Obama's shoes.

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