Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Arizona's Governor

Elegant white floral wedding cake
I say, "Let them eat cake!" (Photo/Courtesy of

Governor of Arizona has a choice to make;
Can a shop refuse requests to bake a wedding cake
If the owner thinks that God would strongly disapprove?
Arizona's Senate passed the bill.  It's Brewer's move.

Will she sign it in to law or veto it instead?
Is discrimination based on who you want to wed
Similar to that about the color of your skin?
Either way she chooses though, Jan Brewer cannot win.

If she signs it in to law it doesn't end the fight;
Only ones who want her to are the religious right.
Even John McCain and Romney asked her not to sign.
It's all up to her right now but, if the choice were mine,

I would like to think that I would choose for equal rights.
But I'd ask LGBTs to pick some better fights.
If a person doesn't like you just because you're gay
Why would you spend money at their business, anyway?

Even if you have the right to force them to, what for?
You could never trust the people working at that store.
Find a better bakery, with folks who wish you well.
Tell religious bigots there that they can go to hell.

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