Friday, February 21, 2014

Biometrics? Not A Shot

It would be a start. (Photo/
Massachusetts' Senator Ed Markey just proposed
Making guns more safe...  Surprise!  The NRA's opposed.
Wouldn't want to make it hard for kids to shoot a gun;
NRA wants weapons free for use by anyone.

Biometrics guaranteeing only owners may
Use their guns could, possibly, get in somebody's way.
Plus, it wouldn't work at all, the NRA insists;
Suicidal teenagers would simply slit their wrists.

Wouldn't want to violate their rights; prevent mistakes.
Accidental deaths are rising?  Oh well, them's the breaks.
Can't blame Ed for trying but it is a waste of time:
NRA would fight this if it took their final dime.

Markey wants to make a point I guess, and yet, the flaw
Is he doesn't have a prayer he'll make his point a law.
NRA blocked background checks so what would make Ed think
Safety measures have a shot?  I think his chances stink.

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