Monday, February 03, 2014

FOX - The Spin Zone

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Spoke with Bill O'Reilly (who's as subtle as an ox)
Or, at least, he tried to...  When O'Reilly let him speak;
Tried to treat the President like guests he has each week.

Bill demanded heads should roll: Sebelius and Rice
Health Care and Benghazi - interrupted more than twice
When Obama tried to answer accusations made...
Couldn't call them questions - that's not how this game is played.

Never realizing it's just Roger Ailes's views.
If the facts do not support the things that Roger feels
FOX invents conspiracies; it's how they earn their meals.

President Obama is their favorite boogeyman.
They've convinced their audience he's got a secret plan;
He's a closet Communist or Muslim - take your pick.
So, they keep on slinging mud in hopes something will stick.

When he'd finally had enough, Obama looked at Bill;
Said he knew they don't agree on things and never will.
Pointed out that, since FOX keeps ignoring all the facts,
He is not surprised at how their audience reacts.

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