Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Syria, Still.

Syria keeps grinding on with still no end in sight.
Civil wars are battles where nobody wins the fight.
It's the kind of war that has a tendency to spread;
Gaining new recruits in search of vengeance for their dead.

Syria is shattered - half its population's gone
And, still, the atrocities continue on and on.
There are more than 2 sides now (perhaps as much as 5)
Seems like they'll keep fighting until no one's left alive.

There are calls for intervention by the USA,
Like we have the power to swoop in and save the day.
If we have those kinds of skills we haven't shown them yet.
Plus, it's hard to get involved with Russia saying "Nyet!"

I'm not Isolationist; at least, I never was...
But I'm leery of the situation there because
Following the Arab Spring the Middle East has changed;
Focused on religion and fanatics are deranged.

Islam's in a Reformation like the one we had.
Students of our history can tell you - ours was bad.
Can't impose a reformation, can't force compromise.
Muslims have to be the ones who finally stop these guys.

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