Thursday, February 06, 2014

Viktor Yanukovych - Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Protestors on the streets of Kiev. (Photo/Courtesy of

 Victor Yanukovych is the leader of Ukraine
Although, it's in question how much longer he'll remain.
Kiev's streets have burning tire-barricades at night;
Protests have continued as more people join the fight.

Most want the Ukrainians aligned with the E.U.;
Something that the Russians would prefer Ukraine not do.
Putin put the pressure on and Yanukovych caved.
Viktor said he had to; the economy was saved.

Protests broke out right away and they're still going on.
Now the calls are growing; they want Yanukovych gone.
What with all the history Ukraine and Russia share,
More than half the people want the hell away from there.

They believe their future lies with nations to the West;
Emigres from Russia think that looking East is best.
Viktor's only chance right now of staying on the job
Lies in turning them into another angry mob.

Hope it doesn't come to that, but I'm afraid it might.
Left hand, civil war - or else there's Putin on his right.
Deep in debt to Russia  (he's already cashed their check)
Pity Viktor Yanukovych...  I bet he's a wreck.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo/Courtesy of

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