Friday, February 07, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Me.

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Happy Anniversary to me - my blog is 2 -
So I'd like to take a moment here for thanking you.
Thank you Crooks and Liars, Technorati...  Thank you Anne.
Thank you to my mother, who is still my biggest fan.

Thank you to my children who've been kind enough to Tweet.
Thank you to my darlin' Mr. S. (which stands for "sweet.")
Thanks to all you random strangers who have taken time
Coming back to see what news I've recapped in a rhyme.

There is still no cure for Seussilitis, I'm afraid.
(Why else would I do something like this and not get paid?)
'though I'd love to make a buck before this blog turns 3,
Who out there is hiring a lunatic like me?

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