Monday, February 17, 2014

Sochi - Modern Day Bread and Circuses

Oohhh!  Look at all the pretty balloons at the Opening Ceremonies in Sochi. (Photo/Courtesy of NBC)

So much in the world is tragic - war, disease, and death.
Nations call for changes but I wouldn't hold my breath.
U.N. Human Rights Commission published new reports;
No-one paid attention 'cause we're focusing on sports.

Russia's at the center of the issues of the day,
But it's not just Winter Games that Putin likes to play.
Syria and North Korea count him as a friend.
Without his agreement, neither travesty will end.

Fireworks and "bread and circuses" - like ancient Rome,
Counting all the medals our Olympians bring home -
Easily distracted, we're ignoring basic facts;
Putin is supporting men engaged in criminal acts.

I don't blame the Russian people...  Them, I think I'd like.
I just wish they'd help us tell Assad to take a hike.
As for North Korea (if the Chinese aren't involved)
Send Kim Jong-un Dennis Rodman's drug stash...  Problem solved.

(Graphic/Courtesy of

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