Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Dear Coke... Do You Still Think #AmericaIsBeautiful?

#AmericaIsBeautiful #Really?

Super Bowl was only worth the watching for the ads;
Game was over by the half for guys in football pads.
Seahawks crushed the Broncos; won it 43 to 8.
Defense shut down Peyton Manning (who did not play great.)

All of the excitement's been about an ad from Coke.
Multilingual singing caused conservatives to choke.
"They should speak American." "How dare they use that song?"
Some folks seemed to think that it's our Anthem - they were wrong.

Coke has always said they'd "like to teach the world to sing...
There've been calls to boycott Coke about their ad campaign,
Leading me to fear that all those people are insane.

God should only shed his grace on me but not on thee?
I already buy a lot of Coke while at the store
But, I guarantee you now that we'll be drinking more.

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