Monday, February 10, 2014

The Winter Olympics - Are You Up For It?

Despite a slight glitch, the Opening Ceremonies were spectacular. (Photo/

I get too emotional about Olympic Games;
Choking up whenever they announce the winners' names.
Thinking of the sacrifices these kids must have made;
Hours spent in practicing whatever sport they played.

I have gotten dizzy and a little short of breath
When someone jumps off a cliff towards what seems certain death.
Nothing but a board or two - some flimsy bits of wood -
Stands between the athlete crashing hard (the way I would.)

Seeing as their parents, who are watching from the crowd,
Hold their breath and worry while their children do them proud.
My heartbeat's irregular at some ice-dance routines;
At that Russian skater who is barely in her teens.

I get weepy whether someone loses or they win;
When the notes of The Star-Spangled Banner first begin.
Even when you know who wins 'cause they're delaying tape,
Just to watch the Sochi Games you have to be in shape.
Although totally unfair, I thought this was hysterical. (Courtesy of

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